We’re All Going to Die

We’re all going to die. It’s a fact. This fact has sat quietly, patiently, somewhere in the back of my mind until the day I became a mother. I instantly felt directly responsible for the life of another human being. Since the day I first held my little girl, I have become obsessed with the […]

The eve.

It’s taken me quite a while to finally get back to writing about my experience. There is so much to share. I have grown. Oh, how I have grown. But I plan to share that soon enough. Finally, I want to capture, in words, that calm night before I met my daughter and the subsequent day. […]

Too posh to push

A few of you know I have been preparing for an all natural un-medicated birth. Fewer of you know that my scheduled c-section is this Tuesday. So, where to begin. At 37 weeks, Dave and I went in for our final ultrasound since we found out I had a subchorionic hematoma (at week 23). We […]

Baby Showers

When Dave and I first discussed having a baby shower, we knew we didn’t want to do anything too traditional. We also knew that we did not want to exclude our close friends, boys and girls – it just felt wrong to only invite the ladies. So we decided to have a baby reveal party […]


My favorite part of this pregnancy has been my desire to nest. There was a time – midpoint in my pregnancy – that I could think of nothing else but how we would set up the nursery.  I perused Pinterest, pulled swatches, and even created a mood board in powerpoint!  I was obsessed. Dave on […]

Pregnancy Glow

I am not maternal. I am not a nurturer. When I talk to kids – I usually speak to them like adults. I have very little patience. Pregnancy has never been that exciting thing I looked forward to. Pregnancy, to me, seemed like a necessary evil if I wanted to have a baby. Dave has […]

It takes a village

Today I have been thinking about friendships and pregnancy. And beyond that, the friendships you make throughout your life.   It seems to me that good friends have been with me through significant times in my life. And getting through those times together bonded us. For years. Sometimes, forever. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve […]

The Babymoon

I was so ready to have a babymoon. I loved the idea (read: excuse) to plan a vacation in one’s second trimester and dub it a “babymoon”. And I completely took advantage of it. I wanted us to go to a beachy location that wasn’t too expensive and wasn’t too far away. So I settled […]