Baby Showers

When Dave and I first discussed having a baby shower, we knew we didn’t want to do anything too traditional. We also knew that we did not want to exclude our close friends, boys and girls – it just felt wrong to only invite the ladies. So we decided to have a baby reveal party rather than a traditional shower.  At our reveal, we would cut a cake together revealing the sex of the baby to our friends and family. We also wanted the day to feel casual and as close to one of our normal back yard parties as possible. We featured  barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers, cupcakes from Kittie’s Cakes, a cake from Angry Baker, spiked blueberry strawberry lemonade, and non-alcoholic drinks for me and the kids.  shower1


Since neither one of us wanted to play normal baby shower games, we decided to have our friends and family bet on the sex of the baby.  I want to give a special shout out to Dave’s good friend Matt Robert’s for getting so into handling the bets for Baby G. He was awesome! Other games/activities included baby scratch-offs, decorating onesies, and corn hole. I like to think there was something for everyone. We did open gifts at the end of the party for those who wanted to take part in it. Meaning, most of the girls came inside and most of the guys stayed outside drinking beer and playing corn hole. Perfect.


3 things that I loved about this shower were:

1. We hired someone to manage the grill and serve the food. I know Dave really wanted to man the grill himself but this actually worked out for the best. It allowed Dave to actually enjoy the party and his friends. Some people traveled quite a bit to be there with him – and it made me happy that he could actually spend quality time with his friends and family.

2. I LOVED the reveal. Sharing the exciting news that our baby is a baby girl was so much fun! The look on Dave’s face says it all.

3. Our good friend Kevin Sturdevant took pictures of the afternoon for us. I am so thankful! We are so lucky to have wonderful talented friends who have helped us capture these memories. The pictures are priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Next, to my surprise, my mom and her friends wanted to throw me another shower. I was unbelievably touched that all of these women would want to shower baby G with love and gifts. This shower was very traditional. Since we knew the baby was a girl there was a lot of pink. The food was fantastic. It was definitely a Brazilian style party beautifully decorated with meticulously crafted candies, of course.  Also, it would not be a brazilian affair without pao de quiejo and Guarana – my favorites! I was happy to see that Dave’s Aunt Pam could make it as well as his sister, Gina.  My good friend Bridget was able to make the drive and share the day with me. It was a definite mix of cultures  which is what made the afternoon so heartwarming. Baby G will be welcomed into many communities – brazilian, american, and so many more.



Then….. baby G and I were showered once more! I have such wonderful friends and co-workers at Nationwide who threw me the cutest baby shower I have ever seen at work. These ladies (Sarah Jacobs, Andrea Klein, and Tess Schuster) out did them selves! I walked into a room with my husband as the surprise guest of honor and my favorite Nationwiders there to support me before I headed off to maternity leave. They had decorated the room with bibs, a table full of gifts, and yummy snacks including cupcakes, chips and hummus, fruit, and punch. They knew I loved gray and yellow and decorated the room accordingly. It was beyond sweet. Tara, my old boss, helped me take down names as I opened the sweetest gifts. I am very lucky to know and get the chance to work with these amazing people. I really am going to miss seeing them every day.


Before this experience, I could not have believed that I would have enjoyed this rite of passage as much as I did. As I have mentioned before, I’ve learned that when you have a baby a community is waiting in the wings to help and support you. A shower is so much more than a party with gifts. It is a symbolic representation of the love and support baby G already has. Our community of friends and family already want the best for her.  Baby G, Dave and I are blessed to have your love and support. Thank you!


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