My favorite part of this pregnancy has been my desire to nest. There was a time – midpoint in my pregnancy – that I could think of nothing else but how we would set up the nursery.  I perused Pinterest, pulled swatches, and even created a mood board in powerpoint!  I was obsessed.


Dave on the other hand was less than thrilled at first. The man cave would become the nursery – as I’m told all first man caves do. But as the paint dried on the walls and the furniture arrived – he began nesting too. And Dylan helped.  😉


Dave took such sweet pride putting the furniture together. The changing table below was so incredibly detailed. It took him an entire afternoon for that one piece of furniture. But it didn’t matter – it was for his little girl.


He reminded me of a discussion we had about potentially putting in a chandelier in her room – telling me decisively – “oh, she NEEDS a chandelier”, scoffing at my hesitance.  He says these things more often now  and I think he is joking….but he’s not.  A few weeks ago I brought home an outfit that I found on sale at target because I was told I needed a “coming home outfit” for the baby.  I showed Dave that I picked something up because it was on sale and “it’ll do” – and almost horrified – he looked at it and said,”What?! She needs a better outfit than that! It’s the first time she comes home. This is important. I’m not taking her home in that pink prison jumpsuit!”  Uh, what? Who is this? Is this the man I married? I’m so confused. These are the things I am learning about my husband as he becomes a father.

I hope she doesn’t get wise to how much of a pushover he is already becoming when it comes to her.

While he was a champ and helped me set up what I consider to be the best room in the house, he needed his own space too. Well, at least that’s what he kept telling me. He claimed he wanted a “center of his intellectual world”.  What does that mean? Great question. We got him a secretary from west elm to house our record player, records, books on religion, philosophy, politics, nueroscience, evolution, brewing, running, our laptops, bills and our family files. Mission Accomplished.

It looks quite nice, too.



He also said he needed a man chair. So we got the manliest chair we could find. A buttery winged back leather recliner from Restoration Hardware. While the nursery is the nicest room in the house. That chair is the most luxurious place to rest.


So when people now ask, “are you ready?”. I still say no.  But I know when we bring this baby home, while we won’t be ready to be parents, we will be damn comfortable.


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