It takes a village

Today I have been thinking about friendships and pregnancy. And beyond that, the friendships you make throughout your life.   It seems to me that good friends have been with me through significant times in my life. And getting through those times together bonded us. For years. Sometimes, forever.

But as I’ve gotten older I’ve wondered, “What else is there? Those developmental years are over. How does an adult make friends?”.

I never knew that something happens when you become pregnant. People reach out to you. They connect to you in an intimate, selfless way as if they had always been your best friend. They care about your well-being. And check-in with you. They ask you how you are doing and you know that they mean it. They want to know. And they want to help you if the response is “not good”.

I’m getting teary just thinking bout this wonderful surprise I’ve experienced in pregnancy. I am so grateful.

People who have known me know that I was terrified of “settling down” and thought it really wasn’t for me. When Dave and I made the decision to take this leap into parenthood, I worried that I would inevitably have to say goodbye to some friends. That we just wouldn’t relate anymore. I mourned that loss.

And I think that, perhaps, that happens to a degree. But now I see that, in fact, the opposite happens. Friendships have grown stronger.  People I considered mere acquaintances, I now consider friends. If anything, the group of people I can call on, that I can relate to, has grown larger. And dare I say it – more meaningful.

I feel loved by so many wonderful people. I feel that there is more kindness in the world. And I am so honored to have my child meet these people who have already begun welcoming her into this community.

Thank you.



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