The Babymoon

I was so ready to have a babymoon. I loved the idea (read: excuse) to plan a vacation in one’s second trimester and dub it a “babymoon”. And I completely took advantage of it. I wanted us to go to a beachy location that wasn’t too expensive and wasn’t too far away. So I settled on the Marriot resort on Singer Island. It’s right on the beach, each room is a suite with a kitchen, living room, balcony and bedroom, and I thought it would be the prefect place to relax.

Well….I want a do-over.

I am sitting in our room now looking at the gray skies and pelting rain but that actually is not why I want  a do-over. This is actually a nice reprieve – allowing Dave to work and me to rest.

Rest? Why would I need rest on my vacation you ask? Well, once I landed from our flight I started feeling a scratchy throat. By our first evening my scratchy throat turned into a full blown cold with a completely swollen  & incredibly painful throat. Throughout day 1 I refused to acknowledge my throat because it was my vacation dammit! And I was going to make this the best trip ever and have a great time. BUT even while I pretended to feel great and relaxed…Dave was not. He did not like the resort, did not like the location, and was suffering major congestion due to allergies. Our first day we fought. I was so annoyed that he couldn’t be positive while on vacation while I silently suffered and tried to be as happy as I’d imagined I would be on vacation.

Then. I got a prenatal massage, manicure, and pedicure. THAT was awesome.

By that evening I started feeling really bad. We didn’t have a car (we found out we needed one once we realized our location is not really walkable) and we had to go to the store to get medication that would help. So, we decided to just go to the lobby and get a cab. Well, they have town cars here…so…we got a town car…and took it to Publix. I kinda felt as obnoxious as a Real Houswewives of ________  would walking out of the back seat of our town car to stop in at the grocery store. The driver had an ear piece and waited outside of the car! But we needed mucinex THAT bad. In our delerium we cleared the medicine isle and picked up some other necessities. When we got back to the hotel we took our medicine, made tea, took a spoonful of honey and went to bed.

Our medicine cabinet - on vacation.

Our medicine cabinet – on vacation.

It was 5AM and pitch black outside when I woke up with an incredibly painful throat and hacking cough. Dave woke up to me crying in pain in the kitchen. I was in SO much pain but I was also incredibly anxious. I’d never been sick while pregnant..and I couldn’t remember when I was this sick prior to being pregnant. I was worried about my health but terrified about the health of my baby. SO we called our midwives and my call was returned within 5 minutes. She was incredibly comforting to both of us and calmed our anxiety. I took more medicine and went back to bed.

When we woke up, we went to enterprise and got a car. Freedom.

Then we laid out in the sun. Relaxation, finally.

Dave relaxing on the beach.

Dave relaxing on the beach.

Dave and I have been recovering from our colds but we have improved so much more since that first night. Meanwhile, in all the hubbub of that morning, I didn’t notice I had been bitten by a spider. 2 days later my forearm has a silver dollar sized mark that does not seem to want to go away. Of course, Dave and I just looked for advice online and pictures of brown recluse marks look WAY to similar to my own arm. That’s today’s adventure!

I will say yesterday was the day of total relaxation. We woke up early, laid in the sun all morning, read books, jumped in the water, had virgin and not so virgin cocktails, drove into Palm Beach and down A1A, and had an afternoon adventure. It was wonderful. I still felt pretty bad all day (as did Dave) but we made the best of it.

Me. Relaxing by the pool.

Me. Relaxing by the pool.

I guess the lesson I am taking away from this experience is to not have expectations. At first, I thought, well this is it. Our final vacation is ruined. I will never have one again. That is a LOT of pressure to put on us and this vacation.   We will have many more do-overs perhaps with baby G and without. I know some grandparents who wouldn’t mind watching their grand-baby for a week or so. We are very lucky. And, today, while looking out at the rainy day outside, I feel content. Disappointed that I’m sick — but content none-the-less. I have a loving, supporting husband, the ability to take a vacation and the time away from work, and this little baby to look forward to. We are very lucky people. (even though we were a bit unlucky this week)

Baby bump peak...on the beach.

Braving a baby bump on the beach.


One thought on “The Babymoon

  1. I love pregnant Amy in a bikini! Glad you were able to score some nice weather and relaxation at the end! Great entry all around about anxiety and perspective!

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