This baby is looking more like a baby!

babyg1About 3 weeks ago, Dave and I went to get our first trimester screening. This is a test that tells you how likely your baby will have down syndrome among other chromosomal abnormalities. In order to take this test, the momma (me) has to drink a ton of water so that the bladder fills up and the baby can’t really move around inside the uterus. This way a clear picture can be taken of baby G. Good news folks: everything came back normal.

The coolest part of this test is you get to see the baby with a super awesome camera so that the technicians can measure certain things. Here is one of the pictures. Can you see that baby pout? I’m not sure whose lips those are!

Although, I think we can objectively say this baby is a cutie. 🙂


One thought on “This baby is looking more like a baby!

  1. Welcome to the most exciting adventure of your life. You are about to learn more about love then you ever realized. Your little one will open up emotions and parts of yourselves you didn’t know existed before. You will fall in love with each other all over again on a whole new level. Treasure ever second of your pregnancy and every moment with your child.

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